The problem and our HPT solution

There is a wide variety of methods to produce hydrogen. Methane conversation method, alkaline electrolysis, ATM, PEM… you name it! What they all have in common are extremely high production costs, the dependence of an already existing hydrogen infrastructure, and besides all of that, they are all contributing to the enormous emission of carbon dioxide (CO2). This problem arises not only in the industrial production of hydrogen but also in other industries like transportation, mobility, housing, heating …

So, every year the total industrial emission of CO2 increases into the atmosphere. We are all aware, that the critical level of CO2 has been exceeded massively and still is!

We from Gaia Energy Projects start exactly there, by using the “bad” CO2 as one of our components for our hydrogen production! Yes, you have heard right…we are going to recycle the tens of billions of tons of CO2 and change it into pure emission-free hydrogen. 

Our so-called hydrogen production technology [HPT] is how we will achieve this goal – by using carbon dioxide together with the production of cheap hydrogen, which unlike all other organic fuels does not burn environmentally harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO.

The basics of this technology would be seen over many years of intensive R&D activities related to CO2 hydration in methane, methanol, and other liquid hydrocarbon processes.

From this perspective, carbon dioxide can develop itself from a problematic raw material into a very valuable one becoming a unique source for industrial organic synthesis. A key component in the new system for organic technology based on CO2 is the unique hydrogen technology, which makes it possible to convert CO2 emissions, atmosphere and, if necessary, even part of the precipitation carbonate in the earth’s crust into the source of the hydrocarbons.