A small R&D team developed a process to transform pure and clean Hydrogen from two simple natural resources with water. This, without any external energy input.

Imagine a device in the approximate size of half a wash machine, that produces energy and heat for your home.

  • Noiseless and easy to operate with revolving cartridges delivered to your door once a month
  • Improve your footprint Zero gas emissions from the environment!
  • Produces all the heating fuel needed for your home – no more extra costs!
  • Generates all the electricity you need at home – your way to becoming independent!
  • Provides you with Clean-Fuel for your vehicle – endlessly
  • Provides you with clean drinking water – endlessly
  • Reduces your fixed costs significantly!


GAIA Cleancell for home use for up to 5 kW


After more than 2 decades of dedicated research, we have now reached market readiness.

With Cleancell we offer pure, emission-free green hydrogen:

– without external energy
– Scalable from 1kWh to 100 MWh or more
– Raw materials readily available worldwide
– Applicable on-grid or off-grid
– and yes, also suitable for mobility


  • No electricity or other energy is needed to create the process
  • Very low catalyst costs
  • Reusability of the catalyst
  • Technological process at room temperature
  • Applicability in any country in the world – the only variables that are needed are: water and CO2
  • very low equipment costs so that even a normal household can easily afford it
  • Clean fuel – healthy environment: water in and water out
  • No waste generation
  • With our unique technology we are able to offer hydrogen between 0.10 € – 0.30 € / kg
  • scientific review of the functionality of our technology
  • Market ready in the next 12 months
  • Abundantly available, for billions of years
  • NO MORE wars necessary over Fossil Fuels or any kind of fuel

We are handing you over the chance to make a significant entry into history, for instance:

To solve the World hunger problems

To change the Deserts to a prosperous new World

To pioneer Space flights to other planets

To create a Healthy and clean Environment

Our Sustainable Development Goals contribution

Back to our Technology

At this stage, having shown most of the present Hydrogen Technologies, it is obvious that none of them can be compared to our technology, as it well covers all the main requirements, and no further R&D is necessary to be pursued in any other directions.

In our humble opinion, we can only emphasize the excitement that lies in the research with our newly developed technology. Moreover, the present stage of our technology is ready for the market. At the moment, for the scientific world, the results are astonishing but we know that in the near future we can even do better.

We believe we can achieve and we are willing and able to reach the fuel rate of

0.10 $  –  0.30 $  per Kg of Hydrogen

This is our Goal – and we believe this can be achieved in the next 12 months of research!

Presently, we have proven scientifically, that our technology works, NOW its time to bring this technology to the world!