The inventors team of this unique Hydrogen Technology is organized in the NST R&D Center in South East Asia.

The team consists out of 18 enthusiasts who dedicate their lives to develop & establish clean, sustainable solutions for humanity.

The huge device seen in the Thrive II is a prototype, that proves all process parameters during the hydrogen production. Our process can provide >98% of clean Hydrogen – without the usage of any kind of external energy (like electricity, heat, or pressure).

We exposed ourselves to the whiteness of a certified body undergo a full production test from purchase & mixing the ingredients, via survey and sealing of our process vessels with leads, followed by inspection of the produced Hydrogen by a certified lab in August 2020.

The results are:


After examination of all tools, reactor vessels, components and the finally produced hydrogen, the certified body results with the conclusion:


Currently the technology should been completed and thoroughly vetted at its current scale that

  • The devices themselves are not yet ready for sale.
  • Surely this technology can be scaled to industrial levels and/or smaller or greater units for different applications – but our priority is focused on the general implementation into our all lifes.

Energy production need to be more clever and cleaner in our all future.

That’s why one of our first developments will focus on a energy device, which could power & heat your families home.

Because we are not yet secured by international patents or have a legal entity in place, we are unable to accept public (private & from non professionals) investments yet.

The real new Green Hydrogen

But of course we would honestly appreciate, if you would like to contribute and support the work of the R&D Team. The funding we primarily need, are the costs for legal consulting and patenting this technology worldwide. We are not allowed to offer you anything to purchase or make any kind of downpayment for a future product yet – but we honestly promise, to keep your data in our database and inform you with preferred offers like delivery priority, as soon we start to manufacture & distribute our first developments.

Contribute here for H2 Developers: